Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Quick Update

My life has been crazy.

I've been doing my second semester Clinical which is three days a week, and the facility that I'm working at is in a town half an hour away from me. I'm so tired by the time I come home that I've been crashing without really doing anything. It's been difficult trying to eat breakfast everyday because if I have the opportunity to sleep a little longer (even if it means skipping breakfast), I will chose sleep hands down. I did weigh myself yesterday and was surprised that my weight is down, although because of Clinical I'm on my feet all day running around getting plenty of exercise. (Also re-positioning maybe? Who knew frail old ladies could be so heavy!)

I'm loving this semester of Clinical though. During first semester, I was so nervous, so scared that I was going to do something wrong, that this wasn't the right career choice for me, or that I wasn't very good with patients. This semester though, I am so much more confident in what I'm doing, and I love all of my residents! This one lady especially; she has dementia and has difficulty recalling new information, but for the past four weeks, she has remembered my name! She also thinks my friend and I are sisters, and she's always asking for "those sisters who take care of me."

I'm definitely going to cry when this semester is over (only 20 more days...)