Thursday, 18 February 2016

Why I Started...

I had a conversation about a month ago with a friend who laughed at me when I told her I wanted to lose some weight. She told me I was skinny enough and it's not like I need to try to impress anyone (I've maintained my weight for the past three years-since before I started dating my boyfriend).

It got me thinking; why do I want to lost weight? Honestly, I've never had huge self-conscious, body image issues. I'm tall (5'11) and I like to think that I'm decently proportionate so it's never really been about how I look in the mirror. Like yeah, there are some days when I look at pictures or see myself and then think, maybe I would look better if I lost some weight, but it's not like I ever thought I was 'fat'.

May 2009: Grade 9 graduation
(and the specific reason that I got bangs)

 May 2012: High School graduation
(I know this isn't a full body pic, but I loved my dress)

April 2015: College graduation

My main motivation for my lifestyle change isn't losing weight, actually. I just want to be healthy. Honestly, being in nursing has actually paranoid me against everything that is unhealthy or bad for you, or could cause adverse effects. Not that I wasn't paranoid before (I'm literally terrified of everything), but this is a different paranoia. I'm so scared of being at the end of my life and looking back and thinking that if I changed something, would I have had a better life? would I have lived longer? It's terrifying to think about.

So even though I might refer to this as my "weight loss journey" it's actually more of a "healthy lifestyle change journey." (ugh, that sounds so pretentious. ew.)


Starting weight as of 04/02/16: 242lbs
Current weight as of 17/02/16: 234lbs
Goal weight: 180lbs

~ Courtney

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