Friday, 19 February 2016

Tips & Tricks & Jennifer Lawrence

This post is mostly just going to be a list of different motivational ideas that I've tried and that work for me or just ones that I think are great ideas.

I'm a list-maker. Ever since I was little, I've been making lists for everything; to-do, things-I-want, books-to-read, places-to-travel, etc . . . I get immense satisfaction in crossing things off of my lists. Nothing in the world makes me feel more accomplished than knowing I get to X-out something on my list which is probably why, when I decided to get healthy, I made a list (honestly, I have more like five lists on health and fitness, but whatevs).

I have a goal chart that I made and printed out posted on my closet door. I actually took this idea off of a post on pinterest because it appealed to me so much. I just felt like I could totally keep up with it (and I like the idea of rewarding myself). I also made specific goal dates by which I want to achieve them and even a list of rewards for myself when I do hit my goals. This has been the biggest help for me trying to lose weight and get healthy because I feel so great when I get to cross numbers off of my chart. It actually makes it feel like an achievement and not just a chore.

Another idea I saw on pinterest that I was contemplating trying was the pebbles in two separate jars (lbs lost vs lbs to lose), but my room is actually pretty spatially deprived at the moment (especially of any kind of counter space) and I figured it would eventually just be one more thing I'd have to clean. I do really like the idea though, I'm a very visually motivated individual so I can definitely see the appeal of it.

One other idea I saw, more for trying to make a habit of things, but it was to have 21 numbered sticky notes on your wall and to take one down for each day you abstain from whatever-you-chose until it becomes a habit. Again, I really like the idea, but it seems very temporary to me. I like seeing evidence of my accomplishments and this idea is based more off of what you end up not having (. . . if that makes any sense at all??).

Finally . . .  my biggest motivation of all . . .

Pictures of Jennifer Lawrence!

I'm not going to be unrealistic or creepy and say my goal is to have her body, because it's not. She's three or four inches shorter that me and probably almost 100lbs skinnier, but like I said before, I work best with visualizations and I love her body because it's real (also I just really love that gray dress, and her blue bikini-my fave colour!). She's not stick thin, or super ripped, and she has curves. As a super-curvy girl myself, I've grown up loving my curves. Especially my boobs. If I lost weight, I do not want to look so thin as to look sickly or be comparable to a stick.


Previous Date Goal
     Valentine's Day       240lbs   234.5lbs!

Current Weight   234lbs

Next Date Goal
     My B-day (17/05)   215lbs

A little under 3 months to lose 19lbs. I figure I can safely lose 1.5lbs per week for the next 12 weeks, and then I'll be in pretty good shape for my ultimate goal!

Wish me luck!

~ Courtney

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